Drilling machine

Drilling machine: “Enshu” made, Upright, Purchased on February 26th, 1958, 69,400 yen.

Enshu machine Co. started as Suzumasa-shiki weaving machine Co. that was founded at Hamamatsu city in 1929 by Mr.Masajiro Suzuki. The name was changed to Enshu, present trade name. According to the company history (1)(2), the trade name of the company was changed to Enshu machine Co. in 1941, Enshu weaving machine Co. in 1945, and Enshu manufacturing Co. in 1960. Consequently, the name in 1958 when this drilling machine was purchased should be "Enshu weaving machine Co.". However, there is an expression of "Enshu machine Co." on the label on the machine.