[Pre-temporary exhibition]

Physics experiments buried in history

- From Sanko Collection of Physical Apparatus and the physics textbook -

  • Date: March 23rd (Sat.) - 28th (Thurs.)

  • Location: Lobby of the 1st floor & lobby in front of the 2nd floor elevator of the main building

This exhibition will be held before a temporary exhibition in October 2002, planned by the Kyoto University Museum: "Science and technology in modern Japan, and history in Kyoto University" (tentative title). This pre-temporary exhibition is specially held for the spring annual conference of the Physical Society of Japan, held in Shiga Prefecture. Kyoto University possesses a lot of equipments of the historical physics experiments that were conducted in the older days. Those equipments will be exhibited corresponding to the physics experiments described by the physics textbook in those days. With this exhibition, we hope that a historical study of physics will be added to the physical experimental education in the future. [The exhibition sceneries: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)]

Example of the exhibition (Plan):
Tangent Galvanometer that was bought for 19 yens 50 sens (19.50 yen) in 1886.

Exhibition data (Planning):

Performing experiments that disappeared from the physics education program.
Magnetic needle galvanometers that illustrate principle clearly.

  • Pair of Concave Mirrors and Iron Ball
  • Hero's fountain
  • Guinea and Feather Tube
  • Light Recombination Mirrors
  • Thermo-electric Magnet
  • Melde's Apparatus to show the Law of Vibration of Strings
  • Earth Inductor

  • Simple Galvanometer
  • Tangent Galvanometer
  • Tangent and Sine Galvanometer
  • W. Thomson's Graded Current Galvanometer
X ray experiments that are not done anymore because their danger was recognized.
Simple picture display units.

  • Vacuum Tube for X Ray
  • Fluoroscope
  • Fluorescent Screen coated with Barium Platinocyanide
  • Induction Coil
  • Gas-filled Tube for X Ray
  • Benoist's Radiometer

  • Slides for Magic Lantern
  • 32 Lantern Slides
  • Projector
  • Heriostat
  • Solar Microscope

Physical experiments that used a Japanese traditional scientific implement.
Physical experimental equipments that helped the development of electronics era.

  • Magic Mirror

  • Geissler's Tube
  • Crookes' Tubes
  • Cathode Ray Tube with Phosphorescent Meneral
  • Cathode Ray Tube for Deflection Experiments

Physical experimental equipments that disappeared with the modernization of the equipments.

  • Ramsden's Frictional Electrical Machine
  • Wimshurst Electrical Machine
  • Cylindrical Rheostats
  • Induction Spirals
  • Spark Micrometer
  • Post Office Type Wheatstone Bridge
  • Thomson's Reflecting Galvanometer
  • Camera Lucida for Microscope