[Autumn temporary exhibition in 2004]

Creating a new century

- Engineering and precious historical engineering data in Kyoto University -

The faculty of engineering of Kyoto University has given birth to an idea that contributes to the realization of the dream of people and society, it supported the comfortable life and the developing society, and played the leading role in creating attractive environment.
In this exhibition, the development and the result of the engineering and technology in Kyoto University as well as the future dreams are widely introduced to society by exhibiting the precious historical engineering data, and by exhibiting the top engineering researches which create a new century. Furthermore, a special booth with "toys" that demonstrate familiar natural phenomena in an amusing way through interactive experiments is set up. The purpose of this is to make engineering apealing to young people through fun and amusement.

  1. Engineering of Kyoto University - The history and the future -
  2. Development of engineering and precious historical engineering data
  3. Wisdom and fun of engineering