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Machine shop, Department of Geophysics

The Machine shop of the Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science was used for: the repair of the equipment for the diastrophism observation, and for the manufacturing parts of the equipment. The account books for those machine tools along with several other old machine tools were there, while the machine shop has not been used for these few years.

Two rotating shafts are installed at the ceiling of the machine shop, and each machine tool takes out power from the shaft through the belt. The rotation of the shafts is provided by a power source in the corner of the machine shop through the belt. This method where there is only one power source and each machine tool takes out power from the shaft through the belt, was the standard power communication method of the production factories until the 1960s. But it has become a very scarce method that is hard for us to see at present.

It is thought that these machine tools are significant and valuable in industrial and technological history because of the following reasons: (1) They are the ones from the time when each machine tool took out power from a rotating shaft at a ceiling through the belt. (2) They are supposed to be rare. (3) The account books for those machine tools, where the purchase date, maker’s name, and so on are written down, are preserved.

[The indoor scenery of the machine shop]

The machine tools: